Travel Fast, Travel Cheap with Our Airport Shuttle Perth to Fremantle

Travel Fast, Travel Cheap with Our Airport Shuttle Perth to Fremantle

Do you know that we offer the best taxis Perth that can take you to your destination at Fremantle as quickly as possible for the most reasonable fare? If not, then read on.

Fremantle, the beautiful port city of Western Australia is a part of the metropolitan area of Perth and a popular tourist attraction. Therefore, all over the year, tourists gather at Fremantle to witness its enchanting port streetscapes of the 19th century, its art, music, festivals and its fabulous food. And with Perth having the closest airport to this charming port city, transport from Perth airport to Fremantle turns out to be the concern of many.

Whether it’s for work or for mere holiday purpose, in case you are wondering how can reach from Perth to Fremantle, here are the vehicle options that are available and a quick insight into why MaxiTaxi is the best in this regard. Let’s take a quick look:

Public transport: By public transport, we mean both train and bus. While to get on a train heading to Fremantle one has to go all the way to the airport which will take around 15-20 minutes, traveling to the port city via train will require another 30 minutes. And traveling by bus means not only that you have to bear with all the gathering and traffic jam, but also will have to wait around 40 minutes to reach Fremantle, if not more than that.

Normal Taxis: Normal taxis may seem a better option than that of the public transports, then there is again the waiting in queues, the constant effort to get yourself a taxi, the unreasonable fare and lack of comfort.

Maxi Taxi: Well, when it comes to MaxiTaxi, we understand what you need and therefore, delivers the best. All you have to give us a call in advance and we ensure that your taxi waits for you at the airport on your arrival which means no desperate searching for taxis. Also, no heated arguments over the taxi fare as we offer both meter and fixed rate option to you to choose from. Then there is also the online fare calculator for free.

Whether it’s the peak time you are arriving at the Perth airport or at any odd hours of the night, our airport shuttle ensures that you don’t have to waste any of your precious time. You can also share your ride with other fellow passengers, in which case you get a quality service for a price that is a lot cheaper.

And now that you have known about our quick, reliable and affordable airport shuttle Perth to Fremantle, why waste any more time in searching the right vehicle and waiting in the long queue to get in it? Just, book our shuttle taxi, reach the magical port city of Fremantle and start exploring the gems it has to offer.