Share an Airport Shuttle Ride the Next Time You Travel

Share an Airport Shuttle Ride the Next Time You Travel

Hailing an airport shuttle in Perth has many more advantages that you imagined. You will always be a step closer to your next travel plans, enjoy the satisfaction of having a fuller wallet thanks to all the money you will be saving, have a chance to meet interesting new people each time and be a part of the new peer to peer economy, that is changing the way we share, own, trust and travel.

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If that is not reason enough to hitch a shuttle ride, then here are a few other reasons to have you sold on that idea:

Shuttle rides are economical:

It is a no brainer that sharing a taxi with a co-passenger for the same distance will split the fares into smaller chunks for each rider and be healthy for your wallets. This gives you more leeway to travel more often and see the world and tick off all those items in your bucket list.

It’s better for the environment:

Since, we are already listing down the obvious anyway, let us another one in the line. You know how to spell this, after all less cars on the road, hence less fuel consumption, hence less pollution and greener good for our good old mother nature.

It takes two for a good company, but three is a party:

Traveling long drives alone, with only the podcast on your phone keeping you company can seem a little blue to most. But hitching a shuttle ride opens options to not only meet new people in your own city, but you may also end meeting someone with some similar itchy feet like you, i.e. a fellow traveller! Won’t that be nice for company during a drive?

Hate driving? Be driven by skilled chauffeurs:

All drivers from airport shuttle Perth are experienced and responsible chauffeurs, who guarantee a smooth ride no matter the traffic or the difficulty of the terrain. No more hassle of finding a parking spot, worrying about scratches and dents; it is time to be driven around like a boss, with convenient airport shuttle transfers while having a friendly chat!