Need a Perth Airport pick-up or drop-off? Call Maxi Taxi Perth. Airport to city transport is our specialty. Dispatch companies don’t take bookings from the airport, but we do. We will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival. If required, we’ll provide a personalised meet & greet service holding up a sign with the passenger’s name, free of charge. No queuing, no waiting and no worrying. We charge standard taxi rates without any airport surcharge. We don’t even charge a call-out fee.

Transport to Perth Airport

Sure, you could drive to the airport and deal with the stress and high costs of parking your car at Perth Airport, but we would like to recommend a better option: Booking a stress-free, comfortable, cost-effective airport transfer with Maxi Taxi Perth. Enjoy a ride to the airport in a comfortable cab driven by an experienced, friendly taxi chauffeur. And arrive at the airport relaxed and on time.

If you like, you can book the same driver to pick you up from the airport again when you return from your travels.

Taxi Pick-Up from Perth Airport

Dispatch taxi companies don’t take bookings from the airport. We do. Maxi Taxi Perth is the only taxi company in Perth that guarantees a taxi will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival.

We even provide a personalised meet & greet service if you want. Our driver will wait for you (or the passenger you booked this for) near your Arrival Gate, holding up a sign with your name on it. What’s even better: This meet & greet service is free! We don’t charge anything extra for this.

At Maxi Taxi Service, you’ll basically get limousine services for standard taxi rates. What could be nicer than having a dedicated chauffeur ready and waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, holding up your name?

Simply let us know your name, flight number, day and time of arrival, and your destination, and we will take care of the rest.

No queueing, no waiting, no worrying, you simply walk along to your booked taxi and enjoy the ride home, to your hotel or any other destination in Greater Perth.

8 Reasons to Use Maxi Taxi Perth for Transfers from Perth Airport:

  •  You can book a taxi in advance from the airport (dispatch companies don’t do this).
  •  No queueing, your taxi will be waiting for you when you arrive.
  •  Personalised meet & greet service at the gate – FREE of charge.
  •  Premium service at regular taxi fares (standard tariffs apply).
  •  No call-out fee for any taxi booking.
  •  No airport surcharge.
  •  Free text message when we’re 10 minutes away.
  •  Available 24/7.

Normal Taxi or Maxi Taxi:

Despite our name, Maxi Taxi Perth has a large fleet of taxis, from normal taxis (e.g. sedan and station wagon) to 7-seater Taragos and 10 or 13-seater maxi taxis. We do have more maxi taxis than many other Perth taxi companies, and maxi taxis are very suitable for airport transfers because they can fit more and larger pieces of luggage. We have wheelchair accessible taxis with a hoist that meet all regulations, and we even have baby seats you can use (please let us know in advance if you need this). It doesn’t matter if you need airport transfers for 2 people or for 20. Because of our large and varied taxi fleet, we can send regular taxis and maxi taxis to accommodate you, whatever your needs are. Our drivers are experienced locals who are courteous and professional. We can pick you up and drop you off at any destination in Greater Perth. You can book your airport taxi service online or contact us for a price estimate. You can choose for normal metre fares to apply or opt for a set price in advance, which won’t change even if there’s a traffic jam. Check our Perth taxi fare calculator page for more information about our rates. If you have any questions or special requests, please us know and we will be happy to discuss this with you and let you know how we can help you.



Travelling with a baby or toddler? Book a taxi with Maxi Taxi Perth. If you don’t have your own baby capsule, don’t worry: we will send a taxi with a baby seat that meets all government regulations. Your child’s safety and comfort is our priority. If you do have your own child seat or booster seat, our experienced drivers will strap it in correctly and securely. All our taxis have approved anchor points to safely restrain baby seats. Our baby capsules and child seats are available to use free of charge.

At Maxi Taxi Perth, Your Child’s Safety is Our Top Priority!

The law requires infants to be restrained in suitable child seats when travelling in cars. At Maxi Taxi Perth, we are happy to facilitate this for people travelling with babies or young children who do not have their own baby capsule or booster seat or don’t want to bring it on their trip.

We often receive phone calls from people asking whether our taxis have baby seats and we’re happy to be able to say, yes we do. We provide this service free of charge. And we decided to add a page on our website to let more people know that they can book a cab with a child seat for their baby or toddler anywhere in Perth.

We have drivers based in all suburbs and you can book a taxi any time of day or night. All our drivers are fully licensed and police-checked and are very courteous and professional.

When you book a taxi with us, simply let us know where and when to pick you up, how many people are in your party and how old your baby or toddler is.

We will then send a taxi – whether it’s a sedan, station wagon, 7-seater Tarago or a 10 or 13 seater maxi taxi – fitted with a baby seat for your child’s safety on the road.

Perth Airport Taxi with Child Seat

Flying with a baby is always a challenge. Anyone travelling with a baby or toddler is usually lugging tonnes of bags with them, filled to the brim with baby stuff. Who’d want to carry a bulky baby car seat with them as well? We’re sure you already have your hands full with your baby and your bags.

Don’t worry, if you take one of our taxis to or from Perth Airport you won’t need your own baby capsule because we have them. That’s one item less to worry about on your trip.

Unlike other dispatch taxi companies, we take bookings from the airport, and we will meet you at the arrival gate. We are available 24/7 and always send a text message when we’re 10 minutes away for your peace of mind. We charge standard taxi rates and we don’t charge a call-out fee or any extra charges for our premium service.

Read more about our unique airport service on our page Perth Airport taxi services.


If you need one or several maxi taxis in the Greater Perth area, call Maxi Taxi Perth. While we have a diverse fleet of taxis, maxi taxis are our specialty. We have a range of 10-seater and 13-seater taxis as well as 7-seater Taragos. Whether you need corporate transfers, taxi services for conferences, school excursions, concerts, parties such as hens and bucks nights, or transport for wheelchairs, bicycles or surfboards, we can easily organise any maxi taxi services to suit your needs.   

When Do You Need a Maxi Taxi?

You can book a regular taxi if you’re travelling with 1 to 4 people – unless you are bringing several large suitcases, in which case you’ll need to let us know so that we can send a larger taxi to fit all your bags. Otherwise, you’ll need to book a maxi taxi that can accommodate more people. You’ll also need a maxi taxi if we need to transport a wheelchair, mobility scooter, bicycle, surfboard or any other large item that won’t fit into a regular taxi. Maxi taxis are often used for:

• Airport transfers • Large family outings • Transport to/from concerts, festivals etc. • Corporate events • Wedding transport • Hen’s and buck’s nights • School excursions • Travel with surfboards, bicycles etc. • Wheelchair transport (see our wheelchair accessible taxi page)

Flexible Maxi Taxi Services

Regardless of whether you need maxi taxi transport for 6, 16 or 60 people (or more), we can send the appropriate number of 7/10/13-seater maxi taxis to accommodate everyone. Even if not everyone is travelling to the same destination, we are happy to send as many taxis and maxi taxis as needed to get everyone to where they need to be. We can transport up to 200 people in total if booked in advance. We are located all across Perth and can pick up and drop off at any destination in Greater Perth, including the airport. Maxi Taxi Perth provides premium service at standard taxi rates, and we do NOT charge any call-out fee. You can book your maxi taxi online or contact us for a price estimate and we’re happy to provide you with a set price for your group transport. If you have any special requests, just let us know. Customer service is our priority and we will always try our best to meet all your needs.


Planning a wedding? Organise transport for your guests between venues in advance and enjoy the day knowing all transfers are taken care of. Maxi Taxi Perth provides outstanding wedding transportation services 24/7 at an affordable price. Forget about expensive limos. Book clean wedding cars at normal taxi rates. Our experienced chauffeurs can transport up to 200 wedding guests. Get in touch and we’ll give you a set price for all the wedding transport you need.    

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll need to think about how the bride & groom and all their guests will get to and from the chapel, restaurant or any other wedding venue booked for the special day.

Don’t wait until the wedding day to sort out your wedding guest transportation. You wouldn’t want guests having to call and wait for a ride, trying to fit their family in the cab that arrives, having to sort out the fare and possibly even arrive late for the ceremony or wedding dinner. Be smart and arrange appropriate cars for your wedding party in advance.

Limo and luxury car hire with chauffeurs can quickly add up, especially if you’re planning rides for the entire wedding party and all of the couple’s invited family and friends.

At Maxi Taxi Perth, we have come up with an excellent, affordable solution for all your wedding transportation in Greater Perth.

Forget about expensive limo hire and extravagant wedding cars for a moment and consider the alternative we offer: Wedding car hire at normal taxi rates.

You receive the same wedding car hire service but, this way, there will be more left in your budget for food and beverage, your honeymoon, or any other products and services you’d rather spend your money on than on transport.

  • * Travel together: Book taxis & maxi taxis with us for up to 200 people
  • * Travel in style: Wedding cars will be sparkling clean and can be decorated
  • * No waiting: Our punctual drivers ensure no guests have to wait for a ride
  • * 24/7 rides: We get your guests back to their home or hotel safely at night
  • * Good chauffeurs: All our drivers are friendly, licenced and police-checked
  • * Save on transport: You’ll get professional wedding car hire at taxi rates
  • * Fixed price: We give you a set price for your all wedding transportation

Chauffeured Wedding Cars & Maxi Taxis

Maxi Taxi Perth is a group of professional taxi drivers in greater Perth that specialises in clean, professional, affordable wedding transportation.

Whether you need wedding cars for 2, 20 or 200 people, we can transport everyone together in any combination of taxi cars and maxi taxis.

From individual pick-ups and drop-offs to group travel between venues, Maxi Taxi Perth can arrange it all. Our drivers are punctual, friendly and professional. We make sure all your guests and members of your wedding party get to where they need to be on time and in style.

The wedding cars and maxi taxis will be sparkling clean and our chauffeurs will be suitably dressed. We can also decorate our taxis and maxi taxis with ribbons for a festive look and welcoming touch.

You can be sure that whenever our taxis and maxi taxis are booked for weddings, we take extra special care that our vehicles are super clean, both inside and outside, and that they smell nice and fresh.

Flexible Wedding Transportation at Taxi Prices

No matter how many venues, destinations or appointments you have on the day, or how many people need to arrive somewhere at the same time, Maxi Taxi Perth can make it happen.

We’re very flexible and we work 24/7. We’ll show up wherever you need us and be there at whatever time yme you need us.

We have taxis for 2, 3 and 4 people and maxi taxis for up to 13 people. With all our cars together, we can transport up to 200 people on your wedding day if needed.

Let us know what your wedding party looks like and who you want to travel together in one vehicle, and we’ll select the cars and maxi taxis to suit the configuration of your group.

Why throw money away at expensive limo hire when your wedding guests can be transported by friendly chauffeurs in immaculate looking taxis for much less?

At Maxi Taxi Perth, we promise you professional wedding car hire services at affordable prices. So you can spend more of the wedding budget on that gorgeous dress, the succulent lobster or the French champagne!


For professional wheelchair taxi services in Perth, call Maxi Taxi Perth. We have maxi taxis with a hoist and lift that can easily fit two electric wheelchairs. Maxi Taxi Perth is an experienced provider of wheelchair taxi services. Caring and respectful, our drivers are trained to provide a highly professional, personal service to people with a disability, and have the expertise to safely transport people who are dependent on a wheelchair. We accept TUSS vouchers.

TUSS Vouchers Accepted

Maxi Taxi Perth accepts TUSS vouchers as well as regular payment of our taxi fares.

The Taxi Users’ Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) provides taxi travel at a reduced rate for people with a severe permanent disability that prevents them from using conventional public transport services.

If you (or the person you are booking a taxi for) are a member of this scheme, you will have a book of TUSS vouchers that you can use for discounted taxi rides. Please let us know you have a voucher.

Should you have any questions about the reduced rate or the price you’ll pay for a wheelchair taxi in Perth with or without a TUSS voucher, just let us know and we’ll be happy to calculate this for you.

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