Perks of Booking a Maxi Taxi in Perth

Perks of Booking a Maxi Taxi in Perth

Greater Perth is now, a part of Australia that’s struggling to adjust with the increasing congestion in its traffic systems. While the city is growing and developing rapidly, on the downside of it people have to readjust their quality of life in order to have a better management o time and money to get through the growing obstructions. Maxi taxi in Perth can solve a few of those problems for you.

We are equipped with locally insured taxis and skilled drivers and everything is controlled under government regulations. Every taxi maintains a standard level of hygiene and amenities for a better riding experience for every passenger. Our services include airport shuttle services, wedding transfers, moving and shifting, wheelchair accessible vehicles, baby capsules, and special accommodation taxis for larger groups.

If it makes you wonder why we would be different, allow us to show our impeccable hospitality as our taxis do not have any call-out fees, do not inculcate any extra hidden charges, and every passenger can travel at a set fare as it seems them fit. Our taxis have metered charged and pre-set fare facilities available, and along with this there are also online fare calculation facilities that gives you a good estimate that your journey may cost you. We also accept TUSS (Taxi Users’ Subsidy Scheme) vouchers for any permanently disabled individual who possesses one, please make sure you notify us about it at the time of your ride.

In the process of making a booking through our website or through a phone call, no passenger has to waste unnecessary time talking to an operator, as they will be directly contacted by the driver who will pick them up after the booking is confirmed. If you are at a strict time frame and have no minutes to waste while you attend a business meeting straight while returning from the airport, Maxi taxi will always be there. Our airport transfers service Perth have been made easier for passengers as they directly pick you up at the arrival, and can also pick a guest for you waiting with a nameplate, while they arrive.

Here’s just a short review of the services we provide, remember to call us next time.