Maxi Taxis Simply Provide Comfort with Style

Maxi Taxis Simply Provide Comfort with Style

Perth has already earned its way into the list of being one of the most crowded and traffic congested metropolitans in Australia, and travelers are always looking for convenient commutes to make their lives easier. We, at Maxi Taxi, try to serve you just the same.

Whether it is your late night return from the airport, or a camping trip with your entire family on a weekend morning at the dawn of the day, you can find us at the other side of a phone call. Maxi taxi provides to you every cost effective way and add-on services to make you feel at home throughout your journey. All we need for you to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, or you can simply make a booking online and you will directly be connected to our drivers, no operator in between to meddle with your precious time. Our 24/7-availability throughout the year diligently provides you a hassle-free ride with legally authenticated registered vehicles and drivers. Passengers have the options of choosing from set-fare vehicles or metered taxis according to their ease.

We strictly restrict hidden charges and call-out fees, and you can also get a fair estimate of the expense you have to incur before the course of the journey.

Perth Maxi taxi services highlights several other facilities that are personalized for different types of passengers on board. We have baby capsule provisions for free in all of our taxis, there are wheel-chair accessible taxis available on request all the time, and we also have accommodative vehicles for larger head counts including 7-seater Taragos, 10-seaters and 13-seaters. A special message notable for those who are travelling with a physical disability is the admission of TUSS vouchers. As we all know Taxi Users’ Subsidy Scheme is given for everyone with a permanent disability, and we at Maxi taxi services accept TUSS vouchers, you just have to remember to notify us.

We are trying our best to offer safe and memorable travel experiences for our customers and we wish to serve you for a long time in future. Make a booking for your next trip around Greater Perth through Maxi taxi, and let us give you the luxury of comfort.