Maxi Taxi Services Perth- Everyone’s First Choice for Spacious Transport

Maxi Taxi Services Perth- Everyone’s First Choice for Spacious Transport

Boasting perfect beach weather, the beaches in Perth attracts surfers almost all year round. Hence, when it’s a beach day out in Perth on your mind, it’ll be folly not to carry your surfboards with you. But have you ever thought about how to fit your surfboards in a regular size cab when heading for the beach? If yes, then know that we, at Maxi Taxi offers spacious taxis at your service. Among our diverse taxi services Perth, we offer our maxi taxi for carrying transporting that extra-large luggage easily. Read on to know about our taxi services in details.

Whether you’ve arrived at Perth airport with your large suitcases or simply wish to take your surfboards with you when you travel from one place to another in Perth, our maxi taxi can offer you the space you want. Our 7-seater, 10-seater, and 13-seater maxi taxis are there to suit your requirements for a spacious transport.

Yes, these large taxis of ours not only serve as a perfect transport for group outings but also lets you and your friends carry their surfboards or bicycles with them easily. When booked in advance, we can help you with transporting around 200 people in maxi taxis. Though Maxi Taxi has a different fleet of taxis to offer, the large taxis or the maxi taxis is our specialty.

And the best thing about our taxi services is that you get to enjoy a spacious ride for standard taxi fare. Yes, no hidden charges and no extra charges. All you have to do is let us know whether you need a large taxi or not when booking a ride with us. In case you need to transport large items that won’t fit in a regular taxi otherwise, our maxi taxis can be your best transport choice.

Whether you need to accommodate more people or transport a mobility scooter or wheelchair or surfboard, with our taxi services Perth being there, you don’t need to fret. Visit our website or simply give us a call to book your maxi taxi ride and we will be happy to offer you a smooth, comfortable and safe travel experience.