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Why You Should Rather Grab A Cab This Weekend?

Most of us who have been harassed by the weekly workload for long hours of the day have ubiquitously one thing in common; we use our weekends for those sweet hours of well-deserved leisure and shopping, spending time with our dearest friends and family. These days time to spare is a rare commodity; we also need to use it smartly. Here’s how and why you can make you weekend safaris and trips easier and cheaper at the same time using taxi service in Perth!

  1. Book your taxi on a weekend instead of hailing taxis from the streets during the wee hours of the hung-over mornings and nights, to avoid the peak hour rush as well as to avoid the havoc congestion of traffic during the festive nights. It’s not just more convenient, but also cost effective, since your fare is fixed according to your bookings and any traffic condition will not affect your mental peace!
  2. Maxi taxi in Perth has made themselves convenient for all kinds of bookings, whether it’s the weekday or a lazy weekend. Being the leading taxi service in Perth, they are available at odd hours of the day, you can play as hard as you work without worrying about grabbing a cab with your drunken friends at 3 a.m. of the night to get everyone home!
  3. A simple advantage amongst all others is the wide range of options to choose from. Whether it is a family of 8 or a group of 18, Maxi Taxi services serve you with the vehicle accommodation fit for you and your belongings! Be it a short weekend trip that you have been planning on since months ago or a spontaneous one, Maxi taxi is ready!
  4. Providing facilities of booking online as well as offline, you have the option of availing your taxi even when you are stuck in the middle of a no Wi-Fi zone. After all the traditional methods of making a phone call should never go out of fashion!
  5. While you decide on which services to choose from, you can easily use the online fare calculators with us, to view exactly how much you’d spend on your trip. Maxi taxi service has made it a point to remove call-out fees from your total fare, saving you a few bucks immediately.


Maxi taxi will let you have a happier weekend scouting the streets of Greater Perth from now on!

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