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Luggage Friendly Taxis are Not Hard to Get Anymore!

Do you need an extra seat for the last minute addition in your group? Is it a family day trip and your granddad’s wheelchair must be onboard? Are you travelling with kids and need extra baggage space? If all of your taxi troubles are anywhere near Greater Perth, then bid them a happy farewell! Why? Cause here at Maxi Taxi Perth, we have exactly everything that you might need for your next ride.

Perth taxi services come with a variety of accommodation options along with a wide range of cars up for hire for the entire year, round the clock. We have gained our hard earned reputation through the comfortable conditions that we offer. We are the public vote of choice, offering smooth rides through the roads of Perth; and we are equipped to welcome you to select from our wide range of 10 or 13-seaters and Taragos for large group transfers. Not only so, there is no extra hidden fee that passengers need to contemplate about, because online fare calculators assist with advance estimates, and our service also lets you set fare payments before you order the ride. So, you are assured as long as the traffic situation does cost you time.

Adding on to the wide range of vehicles, all our taxis have wheelchair access, baby-capsules and also extra luggage space available to meet every passenger’s requirement.  Whether you need an early airport transfer for your entire group of 20, or a transfer for 120 people attending a family function, ordering our Maxi taxi Perth will relieve you of all the hassles of traveling.

We offer calling facilities as well as online booking facilities as far as taxi booking is concerned, and the driver sends an arrival alert just few minutes before the pick-up, just so you can make sure that you are ready for the ride.  Be it a transfer for you or your newly extended family, or for your hike with a bike to the outskirts, we transfer every extra luggage you need to carry. So, feel free to add your scooter or surfboard on to your itinerary for your next trip, to remain assured get Taxis in Perth to enjoy our safe, spacious and hassle-free ride experience.

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