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Don’t Leave Behind That Extra Luggage We’ve Got A Tarago Taxi in Perth For You!

The Toyota Tarago is a comfortable luxury 8-seater that has been making communal trips pleasurable since the early 2000s. It has gained its fame in the Australian markets quite fast after its launch thanks to its unmatched features like no other similar automobiles in line with it; hence, understandably it has also received a warm welcome in our Maxi Taxi family.

The Tarago features advanced setups for ultimate luxury travel like cruise control options, rear-seat coolers, climate-controlled air-conditioning with complementary pollen filters attached, electric-assisted power steer and telescopic adjustable steering. It has a multi-purpose tuner with audio-control options from the steering wheel, including front-seat airbags, side curtain shield airbags and driver’s knee airbag too. If you look at the part where your accommodation gets an advantage, don’t forget the cup holders for every passenger on board, with four bottle holders, upper storage area for the passengers, and map pockets for the ones on the front seats. The second and third row seats are all flexibly foldable, with center armrests and adjustable head restraints as well. There is even a covered storage area under the floor at the back of the vehicle for some extra storage in  Perth.

The Taragos are designed to make journeys simpler with a feel-at-home atmosphere. The sliding doors at the rear on a few of these models are just the right thing to assist in a easy load-unload procedure. Even if you make your way through a challenging weather forecast struggling with the decision as to whether just take a rain-check and avail the next date or not, don’t worry as the car explores all its boundaries with fog lamps in the front, and the climate-controlled ACs just take the whole experience a notch higher, to have every rider enjoy there time spent on the road. Some models also feature a ceiling-mounted entertainment facility, which equips both DVDs and Blu-Ray.

While you travel through Perth on our special Maxi Taxis, be it on the way to a weekend camping trip, or just for an outdoor gig with your old high-school mates, our Taragos taxis, will always be at your service even at odd hours every day. Make sure to make us a part of your next travel, and we will make it worth your while.

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