Don’t Be Duped With Call-Out-Fees Or The Abyss Of Surge Pricing!

You may not know this, but just like plumbers and vets who come to save you from disastrous situations at your house, some taxi companies also charge call-out-fees. What is a call-out-fee? It is an additional charge that these companies charge for the cabbie to come to your house for your airport transfers Perth or other ride needs. This is added to the actual fare for the taxi ride. Many a times, these are hidden fees that you are only made aware of when it comes to pay for your ride. And just like most hidden schemes they are often quite hefty and do not leave you any choice of cancelling the ride or the booking.

But did you know that if you are charged a call-out-fee and you have not been informed about it before you decided to book the taxi, then you might not be required to pay it as per the law. As per the law any service personnel is required to perform their work for a customer with reasonable skill and care. And you as the customer have the right to check if you are happy with the quality of the service before you agree to make the payment. For call out fees, every business should announce any fees they intend on charging very clear before they actually perform their service. This clause is inclusive of additional fees often necessitated by traders in the name of call-out-fees and labour charges.

However, with Maxi Taxi Perth, you do not need to worry about the legal fine prints or be on the look-out for hidden charges. We offer all our rides with a set fare calculated on the distance and the vehicle types without any call-out fees. This helps passengers save $ 1.50 on every ride. With us, you can estimate how much you are going to pay for your ride with our transparent online fare calculator. You can choose from either a metered ride or a set rate to avoid all kinds of reasonable surprises linked to the traffic situation of your route.

And best thing is we never involve the clever ruse of ‘surge pricing’ or surcharge when demand kicks in! Unlike shared driving apps, Maxi taxi Perth is a legal and registered taxi service in Perth and does not partake in unconscionable price gouging during high demand situations in the market. So, who’ll you book for the next trip?

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