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Carpool to Work or Fun with Our 13 Seater Toyota Hiace Highroof Minibus

When it comes to traveling with a large family with even larger luggage for timely airport transfers or hassle-free carpool commutes to and fro the new that’s quite far away, nothing beats a spacious luxury Minibus. Emphasis on the luxury aspect here with the new Toyota Hiace High-roof Minibus, that packs almost every necessary feature you may imagine. This minibus is so huge; we have seen families transform them into cozy camper vans fit with large beds or a fully functional camping kitchen in the back of the van. Even better some choose to live in their Toyota Hiace Minibus instead of going back and forth from the city where they work to their hillside cozy, suburban homes.

But thanks to Maxi Taxi’s fleet of the most spacious taxis in Perth, you do not have to start living in your van. We will pick you up on-time every day on our spacious 13-seater minibus and transfer you with other fellow commuters to work, while you sit and relax without going through the hassles of driving through rush-hour traffic and getting stressed about reaching work on time. And that’s not all. Got a large group ready to party at your wedding? Or are you taking a trip with a large group of friends and family? We understand how pleasing everyone and aligning everyone’s decisions can be a nightmare in its own; you don’t need the extra stress of thinking about individual airport transfers or drives to the wedding venue. Just haul a 13-seater minibus taxi ride with us at Maxi Taxi in Perth and as soon as the car starts up with everyone seated, they will be singing like a school road-trip party and having a great time with a comfortable commute in the most spacious taxi car. Our Toyota Hiace 13 seater minibus comes with flexible back seats that can be folded up if need be for extra luggage storage.

The Toyota Hiace 13-seater minibus is the perfect commuter with its large automatic sliding door access and a very high roof for easy boarding and traveling within the car. The car allows two adult passengers to board the minibus together simultaneously thanks to the large doors and the high roof. It is the perfect car for group travels with frequent boarding or drop-offs like a carpool or sight-seeing tour around Perth, as well as for meeting transfers, transferring wedding parties or a large family holiday or more.

For hiring a spacious taxi service in Perth check out our rates.

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