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Benefits of Hailing Traditional Taxis Over Shared Driving Apps

We live in an era where everything can be availed online through nifty apps. However, this trend of convenience on the user’s fingertips was initially pioneered by the taxi and cab companies worldwide. Perth has been almost embroiled in a turf between the traditional taxi services like Maxi taxi in Perth that offer great benefits and the ride sharing taxi apps that are still not completely regulated.

While the entire world hypes over the trend of shared taxi services, these apps are still not completely on the right side of the law. Perth taxi services with a traditional taxi license and registration offer the best of both worlds to passengers with their technology driven booking systems, a fixed metered fare, arrival alerts and online fare calculator. These are the benefits that most shared apps also purport while still being unregulated as per law, because the shared driving apps conduct commercial activity through vehicles that are licensed and insured for the purpose of personal use only.

In fact, in a recent survey by the PTA of Western Australia, it was found that a whopping 73 percent of the public prefer traditional taxis in Perth for important commutes like airport transfers at lower prices with greater accountability. Since, the ride sharing apps often put up ‘surge pricing’ at peak hours to incentivize more drivers to get out on the road during high demand hours. This system of dangling the incentive carrot has several functional leaks that eventually put the passengers’ safety in jeopardy. Perth taxis do not function like that as there are no surge prices only fixed meter rates and no call-out prices as well.

The embracing of shared app-like technology and benefits by the Perth taxi industry is not only geared towards lifting their game over the shared apps; but also to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Data suggests that roughly two thirds of Australian citizens still drive to work every day, while taxi services are never too far away to avail and the traffic being nightmarishly heavy during rush hours. The use of convenient, legal and reliable taxi services like Maxi Taxi Perth, will help the people get out from behind the stressful driving-wheel and relax at the passenger seat while a skilled driver takes them to their destination on-time.

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